Lat pulldown is a great exercise that targets your entire back, mainly focuses on back width, and also works on other muscles on your back like your traps, rhomboids, and your rare delts. There are a number of variations in the lat pulldown exercises that work different muscles.

Lat pulldown machines are excellent at targeting your lats and shoulders. Quite often they can be the only way to help prepare you for pullups. Lat pulldowns ensure the build-up of essential back muscles and allow you to progress at a faster pace.

Trying a wider grip, but not extra wide can make it harder to pull down. You can also opt for a narrow grip for activating your chest and forearm muscles even more.

Benefits of the Lat Pulldown Machine:

  • Lat pulldown machine is very effective in working out your upper body as well as strengthening your core.
  • It is an amazing exercise to fix your posture. People with a rounded back may experience bad posture and lat pulldowns are a great solution for that.
  • This exercise is ideal to build your back muscles as it isolates the back muscles allowing you to mainly focus on them.
  • Lat pulldown machines are great for building your biceps and triceps. They are ideal for building stamina as well.
  • They are excellent at training our body to bring down as well as bring together the scapula (shoulder blades), thus fixing your posture.

Now that we have concluded the buying guide, let’s jump into the list of best lat pulldown machines. These machines made it to the list through thorough research, third-party reviews, and my personal opinions on using them.

Top 10 Best Lat Pulldown Machines for Home Gym:

1- XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable

XMark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable

The Xmark Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable is a high-quality machine with 11 gauge steel in 2 inch and 3-inch thickness and a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. It also features nylon coated aircraft quality cables along with an extra thick cushion for comfort, as well as tear and sweat resistant vinyl.

The Xmark machine is very sturdy and can easily be used with standard and Olympic plates thanks to included sleeve adaptors. It’s the little details and fine quality that sets the Xmark Lat Pulldown machine apart.

It is also quite comfortable due to included chrome-plated bars, textured rubber handgrips, and skid resistant feet.

The manufacturing company “Xmark Fitness” itself, is all about producing comfortable and durable products for their customers. Its ergonomic design, impressive customer service, and great attention to detail made me very happy. Overall, I was quite happy with this equipment.

Technical Details

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Major Features

  • Weight Capacity: This machine offers a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • 11 Gauge Steel Frame: This item features an 11 gauge steel frame.
  • Standard and Olympic plate: This machine can be used with standard or Olympic weights.
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • None

2- Vanswe LAT Pulldown Machine

Vanswe LAT Pulldown Low Row Cable Pull Down Machine Removable Front Steel Foot Rest

This particular machine did not fail to impress me. Its frame is made of 2” x 2” main steel tubes, which makes it quite strong and durable. It uses plates, which are not included, instead of weight stacks. It also comes along with an included 2” adaptor so you can use both, standard and Olympic plates whenever you like.

The machine also offers a smooth lat pull movement thanks to the high-quality ball-bearing pulleys and nylon bushings, that make it exceptional. The bar is also pretty standard and the length from tip to tip is approximately 39 inches. It is also able to support a maximum weight of is 250 lbs.

This Lat Pulldown Machine is also quite comfortable thanks to its high-density seat pad and adjustable height via an adjustable knob. Lastly, this machine comes with a bottom (low row) pulley which is a huge plus.

Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions: 46.8″(L) x 24.2″(W) x 76″(H)

Major Features

  • Versatile: this machine includes high and low pulley stations
  • Solid frame: it features a 2-inch x 2-inch main steel frame
  • Smooth Lat Pull Movements: it offers smooth movement for easier workouts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free 2” adaptor sleeves
  • Comes with a bottom pulley
  • Affordable
  • Weight plates not included

3- Fitness Reality 810XLT

Fitness Reality 810XLT

Fitness Reality is revolutionizing the fitness sector through its fine products. Its 810XLT home lat pulldown machine is definitely worth using. I am essentially talking not only about a simple lat pulldown machine but also for a value-for-money power rack. It incorporates a heavy-duty steel frame, making it highly durable.

Its sturdy construction makes it very easy and safe to use at home without requiring a professional’s supervision. Its unique design was quite impressive as it provides a large walk-in space as well as easy side-to-side movements.

Its multi-position overhead pull-up grip bars, smooth glide rail, and two-direction pulleys make working out a whole lot easier.

Another great feature of this model is that it is designed with foam bars that help people with a tight grip. I was able to perform a number of exercises as it supports seated exercises and comes along with a footrest as well.

Overall, I think that making this lat pulldown machine a part of your workout session will be worth it. It will help you work on your upper back, arms, and shoulders. Its high weight capacity i.e. 800 lbs. makes it quite exceptional as well.

It supports exercises like squats, curls, shrugs, pull-ups, push-ups, and flat-bench press, etc. It is surely a complete package as it is very easy to use, offers plenty of features, and is quite durable.

Technical Details

  • Package Dimensions:  80 x 13 x 9.5 inches
  • Product Dimension: 137 Pounds

Major Features

  • Weight Capacity: this machine has an extraordinary weight capacity of 800 lbs.
  • Adjustable Heights: fitness reality offers 19 levels of adjustable heights
  • Comes with multi-level pulley systems
  • Offers space for storage of weight plates
  • Package includes two collars
  • Tools in the kit not of a great quality
  • Not designed for commercial use

4- Giant Econo Lat Machine

Giant Econo Lat Machine

Yukon Fitness is the manufacturer of  Giant Econo Lat Machine. This machine incorporates nylon brushings and chrome tubing that allow a smooth pulling motion. It comes with a three-way adjustable seat pad as well as adjustable knee padding which made it very easy to use.

Features like built-in bar storage and footplate that’s designed to correct your biomechanical angle during low rows, were also pretty nice. It also has two bars for lat pulldowns and rows. It stands out due to its 400 lbs. weight capacity and amazing lifetime warranty.

My first impression of this machine was this product is of high quality. On the first use, it felt stable, durable, and effective. In my opinion, this machine is excellent, affordable, and will definitely satisfy you.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 57 x 22 x 83 inches
  • Product Weight:  80 Pounds

Major Features

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Seat: Adjustable seat pads
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Attachments: Lat pulldown and row bar included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact
  • Upper row function less smooth

5- Champion Pull Down and Low Row Combo Machine

Champion Pull Down and Low Row Combo Machine

The Champion Pull Down and Low Row Combo Machine definitely set the bar high. It will surely last the distance with its 2-inch steel tubing and high-density padding with marine vinyl. Not only that, it comes with a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

While trying this model, I realized that you can ensure good posture with it. Adjustable knee rollers also enable proper workout techniques. You can easily add variety to your workouts with its 20-inch bar and a 48-inch lat bar rowing attachment.

Despite being relatively unknown, this company has been producing a wide range of affordable fitness apparatus that has proven to be durable.

This particular machine is made from good materials, has all the basics, and also features an awesome 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 30″ W x 86″ H x 65″ D
  • Product Weight: 185 Lbs

Major Features

  • 2-inch Steel Tubing: Its 2” steel tubing allows pure comfort
  • Adjustable Knee Rollers: Adjustable knee rollers ideal for your posture
  • Lat Pulldown Bar and Rowing Attachment: Allows versatility
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • None

6- Deltech Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine

Deltech Fitness LAT Pulldown Machine

The Deltech Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine features high-quality construction. It is made with aircraft quality cables and improved metal hub pulleys.

I experienced added comfort due to its top-quality vinyl and high-density foam padding on the seat. It is also able to stand a maximum weight of 500 lbs. which is a huge plus.

Its design is able to hold both standard plates and Olympic plates. This makes it pretty affordable in the long run as you won’t have to waste money on buying a different weight system or adaptor. It also aims for a smooth and ergonomic pulling feel.

Deltech Fitness is a huge name in the home fitness equipment market. They’re highly committed to making equipment that lasts for decades.

Their equipment is manufactured to tough engineering standards so that you can completely trust it to get the results you’re aiming for.

This is smooth as well as good looking and works pretty well. Overall, it was quite satisfying and I highly recommend it. Its weight capacity really makes it a real winner.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 62 x 25 x 82 inches
  • Product Weight: 132 Pounds

Major Features

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Plates: Standard and Olympic plates
  • Steel: 14 Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Quality: Zinc Plated hardware
  • Sturdy
  • Swift
  • High weight capacity
  • Hard to assemble

7- Valor Fitness CB-12 Plate Loading Lat Pull Down

Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine, Low Row Machine

This compact however powerful lat pull down machine is quite adjustable as it features locking pull-pins for easy adjustments. An adjustable seat also adds comfort to your workout sessions. This machine is pretty versatile as you can perform a variety of exercises on it.

It features an ab crunch harness as well as a lower cable attachment for leg extensions or standing curls. An adjustable front footplate for curls and rows allows easy motion as well.

I noticed that its 2-inch steel frame and 12 gauge steel tubing make it highly durable. It also comes with plate storage pegs at the back that can hold up to 250 lbs. This company was founded in 2006 and is reputable for creating fitness machinery and accessories for home training studios.

I was able to work my arms, back, core, and legs due to the versatility of this machine.

I worked out a lot on it and I can say from experience that this machine will be durable. It was also quite easy to adjust. I think this is the perfect fit for anybody as it allows you to perform a number of exercises on it.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 50 x 80 x 25 inches;
  • Product Weight:  84 Pounds

Major Features

  • 12 Gauge Steel Tubing: 12 gauge steel tubing makes it highly durable
  • Plate Storage up to 250 lbs: plate storage can hold up to 250 lbs. of weight
  • Lower Cable Attachment: allows leg extensions
  • Well-built
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Hard to assemble

8- Body-Solid Pro Lat Machine

Body-Solid Pro Lat Machine

The Body-Solid Lat Machine is designed with no-cable-change technology so you can easily transition between high and low pulley exercises without any inconvenience.

It was quite comfortable to use as it has a thick, comfortable seat pad as well as easy pop-pin adjustments. It features a lat bar and straight bar and multi-position leg foam roller for added comfort. Seated row foot brace and diamond plate stabilizers provide extra balance and stability.

Not only that, patented nylon brushings allow super smooth pulling movements. Before trying the product, I knew it would be good as the manufacturing company has a great reputation.

Overall, I can say that this is one of the best lat pulldown machines that I have tried which is made with top quality materials, offers lots of extras, and has a wide range of easy adjustments.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 82 x 60 inches;
  • Product weight: 52 Pounds

Major Features

  • No Cable Changes: doesn’t require cable changes from low and high pulley exercises.
  • Pop Pin Adjustments: features pop-pin adjustment for comfort and ease.
  • Lat Bar and Straight Bar: it includes a lat bar and straight bar.
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Good Looking
  • Takes time to assemble

9- Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine

Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine

The Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine allows you to complete not just lat pulldowns but also tricep press downs, seated rows, curls, and much more. I was able to easily switch and perform a variety of exercises on it. It was quite comfortable as well as it features a large 8-inch foam roller to keep you locked down during workouts.

These can also be adjusted in two different positions. It was quite smooth to use due to its patented nylon brushings. It’s not only simple and light, weighing in at 76 lbs, it’s pretty easy to maneuver but unfortunately favors lighter weight lifters.

This company has been around for a while, produces quality products, and will not disappoint you. It remains true to core values i.e. providing good value and high-quality weight training equipment to all.

Overall, this is a simple and light machine that is easy to carry or take with you if you move.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 25 x 80 inches;
  • Product Weight: 70.55 Pounds

Major Features

  • Large 8-inch Foam Rollers: foam rollers allow comfort and stability
  • Light Construction: light construction makes it easy to carry
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly
  • May not be tall enough

10- York ST Lat Pulldown with 300 lb. Weight Stack

York ST Lat Pulldown with 300 lb. Weight Stack

This cable workout machine is a sleek looking piece of equipment that will fit your aesthetic as it comes in white or silver color. This machine stands out as it has weights included with it, unlike many lat pulldown machines.

For added security, there’s also an adjustable leg hold-down piece that locks you down and secures your body position in order to promote good form and posture.

The York Barbell Company has been a huge name in weightlifting since it laid its foundation back in 1993.

The York Barbell Company has grown so much now that it develops, manufactures, and distributes strength and fitness products to continue its mission of encouraging health and fitness among all.

Although it is more expensive than many cable pulldown machines, it one comes from a reputable company along with weights included and also has high-quality construction. Overall, it’s a great pick and I highly recommend it.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 53″ L x 47.5″ W x 90″ H

Major Features

  • 300 lbs Weight Stack: It features a 300lbs. weight stack
  • 2 Colors: It comes in a white or silver frame
  • Cable Quality: 4200-pound tensile strength aircraft quality cable
  • Comfortable thigh foam rollers
  • Smooth pull and stretch
  • Easy to put together
  • Cable could be of better quality

Buying Considerations for the Best Lat Pulldown Machines:

There are a lot of factors that should be considered before making the purchase. In order to simplify things for you, I have prepared this buying guide so you can have the lat pulldown machine you are looking for.

Here are a quick checklist and a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about adding a lat pulldown machine in your home gym:

Adjustable Seat

Achieving perfect height when you’re using your machine, as well as being comfortable during your workouts is quite essential.

Make sure the seat is adjustable to a wide range of different heights.

Bottom Pulley

You could run into some lat pulldown machines that are not just designed for lat pulldown exercises, avoid them.

Instead, go for the one that has a bottom pulley added on so that you can complete standing curls and seated rows exercises easily.

These characteristics can significantly mix up your workout sessions by allowing you to work on different areas of the arm, legs, back, and core.

So, investing in a machine that has this bottom pulley feature will be worth it.


Companies that sell gym equipment often offer warranties on the entire machine or just some certain parts, like the frame. These warranties may offer guarantees for months, years, or even a lifetime.

On the contrary, some online companies don’t offer a warranty so make sure to ask some questions and get familiar with any warranty that is available.

Adjustable Leg-restraint

Padded leg restraint is a must-have feature with a lat pulldown machine. The restraint allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor and your legs locked down so that you don’t end up with a bad posture by raising too far up.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity varies depending upon your fitness level. You could be a budding exercise enthusiast or a veteran weightlifter, either way, you should have some idea of how much weight you’ll be using.

If you aspire to lift weights, take a look at the machine’s maximum weight capacity and think about your long-term goals in accordance with that number.

Olympic or Standard Plates

It is always good to know if your machine requires standard or Olympic weight plates. Most machines feature standard plates and will require a special adaptor sleeve if you wish to use Olympic plates instead.

Make sure the machine is compatible with Olympic weights or that the adaptor sleeve comes included if you plan on using Olympic weights.

Weight Adjustment System

How you adjust/attach more weights to your machine is completely up to you.

Some lat pulldown machines come with rectangular weight plates incorporated into the machine and also use simple pull-pins or pop-pins to adjust the weights on the machine.

Although, many machines will have pegs for you to add your own weight plates.

Weights Included

Many lat pulldown machines come unassembled in a box, in order to be assembled by the user, and usually, the weights are not included.

If you’ve already started your home gym then this should not be problematic for you as you’ll have a variety of weights that can be added to the lat machine.

However, if you don’t own different weights, you’ll need to buy them separately or invest in a cable pulldown machine that has weights included with it.

Steel Grade

It’s a common misconception that with steel, a higher gauge number equals more thickness. However, the contrary is true i.e. a 14 gauge steel frame is in reality thinner than a 12 gauge steel frame.

Always keep this in mind when you’re going through the details of a lat pulldown machine. Typically, you’ll want the thickest steel so you can get maximum durability and stability out of it.

Your Budget

Before making the purchase, it’s always good to keep track of your finances. If you’re looking for a machine that you plan on using for a lifetime, you should definitely invest in it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a machine for temporary use, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it.

Space Required

It’s always good to measure the placement area beforehand so you don’t end up with a machine that is too big or too small.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are lat pulldowns good for?

The lat pulldown is an amazing exercise to strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle, the broadest muscle in your back, which promotes good posture, spinal stability, and core strength.

The form is extremely crucial when performing a lat pulldown in order to prevent injury and get the best results.

Can you work out legs and glutes with the lat pulldown machine?

It solely depends on you. However, lat pulldown mainly focuses on the upper body.

Does the lat pulldown machine work for tall people?

Yes, this machine works for tall people as well. For tall people, it is recommended to buy a machine with a bigger frame.

Can you injure yourself with the lat pulldown machine?

No. lat pulldown is a low impact machine that mainly focuses on your back. Due to minimal impact, it greatly reduces the chances of injury.


I hope that through this extensive guide, you have a better idea of the things you need to look for, before making the purchase. Through our buying guide, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of your needs and wants.

Also, the list mentioned above is for your own convenience so that you can easily find the best of the best lat pull machines.


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