Preparing yourself to go to the gym can be mentally exhausting at times and if that’s not enough, you’re met with a plethora of gym equipment that can really confuse you. Everyone has different workout goals depending upon their body type and fitness level.

If you’re someone who is planning to include cardio workouts in your routine there are a lot of machines that can help you get the job done.

Cardio is one of the most common exercises and it can also be one of the fastest ways to burn extra calories. It is also great for your overall health. With the availability of different types of cardio machines, it gets really hard to figure out which machine will work the best for you, especially if you’re a beginner.

Cardio exercises are excellent for burning fat, toning up your muscles, and losing unnecessary weight. In this article, we talk about different cardio machines that help burn calories at a faster rate.



One of the most common gym equipment is a Treadmill. Treadmills have been quite popular for many years and, due to their growing affordability, a lot of people have them at their homes as well. 

It is ideal for burning calories as well as strengthening your calves, quads, and glutes. Another great thing about treadmills is that they’re easily accessible – there’s not much that you’ll have to learn. If you can walk, you can definitely run on it.

Another type of treadmill that is quite popular these days is the Air Runner style treadmills and they have recently entered the market. These treadmills do not require a power supply and are solely powered by the human body.

They provide an excellent, high intense workout due to the energy required to move the treadmill’s belt. You should definitely consider an Air Runner if you’d like to take your treadmill workouts to another level.

When it comes to cardio workouts, the treadmill definitely stands out as it can burn more than 700 calories within an hour. Not only that, it is excellent for strengthening and toning your lower body.

Treadmill Calories burned: It burns 712 calories if you’re running at the rate of 10 km/hour.

Elliptical Trainer


Elliptical trainers are low impact workout machines that provide an intense calorie burning workout without causing any damage to your lower joints. It idoes not provide as intense workouts as a treadmill does, however, it helps in toning and maintaining your lower, as well as, your upper body.

You can get an excellent calorie burn with an elliptical trainer. You can make your workouts more challenging and intense by increasing the resistance of your machine. For upper body, you can work the handlebars so you maximize every aspect of your workout objectives.

It is crucial to remember that this machine has a more low-impact resistance, which in turn requires more effort. This results in increasing your heart rate and thus burning more calories. Elliptical trainers are ideal for toning your muscles and are one of the best gym equipment for weight loss.

They do not target one specific group of muscles in your body and target many muscles, including your calves, gluteus, shoulders, arms, and chest muscles.

Elliptical Trainer Calories burned: It burns 800 calories/hour (going at a fast pace)

Rowing machine

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are an excellent way to burn calories and also provide you with a full body workout. They mimic the actions of a rowing machine and use the entire body muscles.

As the movement requires the use of multiple muscle groups, it results in increasing your heart rate and respiration thus making it an ideal piece of cardio equipment for fat burning.

It is recommended to use this machine at a higer stroke rate to burn maximum amount of calories. This also helps in increasing the aerobic intensity, however, experts recommend to stay below 20 to 30 strokes per minute.

It has minimal impact on joints and is a great option for people looking for a low-impact exercise. A rowing machine reduces the risk of injury and can be used for aerobic training, anaerobic training, or muscular recovery, depending upon your needs.

Rowing Machine Calories burned: It burns 320 calories at a moderate rowing speed with low resistance

Bike/indoor bike


It is a pretty well known fact that there are a number of benefits to cycling. Indoor bikes are quite popular among cyclists as they have low impact on your joints. These bikes are ideal for those who want minimum pressure on their knees or suffer from any pre-existing conditions, injuries or sensitivities.

Cycling is also quite accessible. The road and mountain bikes are pretty affordable and the stationary bikes can be easily found at any gym.

These bikes provide an excellent cardio workout and strengthen your legs as well. Regular use of this bike will help in building your quads, hamstrings, and parts of your calves.

In a nut shell, this low impact training machine burns more than 600 calories, is easily accessible and efficiently builds your leg muscles.

You should definitely consider it if you have any lower back injuries or have a sore upper body.

Bike Calories burned: It burns 622 calories/hour at a moderate pace with a healthy BMI.

Stair Stepper

stair stepper

This stationary machine doesn’t provide you with a lot of upper body advantages. However, as the name suggests, climbing stairs has been proven to raise your heart rate which results in providing a good cardio workout.

It works on the mechanism of climbing stairs and thus helps you hit your target heart rate. It is also one of the best cardio machines for weight loss.

Stair machines also feature various levels of resistance. Some specific machines, such as the Gauntlet, are specially designed to make your workouts more challenging.

Lastly, stair steppers majorly help you in burning calories and toning your lower body muscles, however, they do not provide you with many benefits for your upper body.

Stair Stepper Calories burned: It burns 370 calories with a moderate effort.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the cardio machines and how much calories do they burn.


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