If you’re someone who thinks they’re tall or is considered tall by the people around them chances are that might be true. There could be a number of reasons why a person is considered tall. You’re taller than almost all your friends.

At times, you even feel bad for blocking the view of those standing behind you, especially while attending concerts and movies. When you are new to a place, people look at you and often say, “you’re quite tall”. However, you seem puzzled about whether you find yourself tall enough or not.

It’s been a burning question that what height is considered tall for a man and what height is considered tall for a woman? To put an end to this conundrum, we have found out the bracket height for tall men and women.

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How To Know If You Are Tall?

There could a number of factors that could contribute to you being labeled as ‘tall’. It could be determined by the average height of people around you. You could be considered a tall person if you’re taller than the majority of the population.

After you have determined the average height of your country i.e. the height of the majority of the population, take a look at the list mentioned below to determine if you’re actually tall or not.

Notice If Most People You Know are shorter than you

While standing with a group of friends, you may notice that you’re taller than most of them. This means you are tall. You can also take a look at your photos with other people to assess your height if you are taller than the people standing next to you. However,  if you are friends with a volleyball or basketball player, it may be somewhat hard to determine your tallness.

Notice If It’s hard to find clothes that fit

If you’re someone who always has a hard time searching for clothes that fit you, especially your legs and arms, chances are that you’re taller than the average. Pants that are too short to fit or sleeves that fall very short on arms are the common fitting problems faced by tall people. It’s a struggle finding shirts that don’t magically turn into crop tops as soon as you wear them. In the case of shorts, you may also find it hard to cover your knees with them.

People ask If You Are in A Basketball Or Volleyball team, or a Model

Often when you are new to a place, people may ask you if you are in a basketball or volleyball player, as these sportsmen are usually tall. In fact, others even may think that you are a model. However, this can get unpleasant if you don’t play these sports or if you’re not a model. It’s a fact that people assume things based on appearance, but that’s not new anyway.

Statistical Data and Survey about Tall People

A survey from National Center for Health Statistics, National Health, and Nutrition Examination Survey or NHANES concluded that a very small percentage of men was considered ‘tall’.They concluded that 95 percent of males in the U.S., 20 years and above in all ethnicity or age groups were shorter than 6’2”. This means that only 5 percent of the population was taller than 6’2”.

This survey also suggested that in some cases, people viewed the height of 5’5” as the average height for a woman. They also shared that they thought 5’9” was a tall height for a woman. But why do they think like that? It is because the height of 5’9” and above is considered the ideal height for female models. It may also seem like an ideal height for women, however, findings from the study showed that only 5 percent of women of the total population have the height of 5’9” or above.

​It was also found out from this survey that among females in the U.S., which are 20 years old and above, inclusive of all ethnicities and racial groups, the ideal height was considered to be 5’8. It covers only 5 percent of the population that lies above 5’8” and also tells us that the majority of the women i.e 95% lie below it.

We can conclude this article on the note that your tallness majorly depends upon the average height of those around you. If you’re taller than the average, you’re a tall person. Also keep in mind that any height above 6 feet is considered tall, by people, all around the world.


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